Barry’s Satan Maximizer

Arlene Harris once observed that the best computer tools have the strangest names: Bink and Smacker (the best video conversion tools), Zwei-Stein by Thugs At Bay (the best free video editor), etc. Well here’s another one: Barry’s Satan Maximizer.

When I said the music was “ready” yesterday I meant I had a track ready for every scene, but they still needed preparing. And that’s what I’m doing today. For example, I need an ominous deep rumbling drum beat for when you stand in front of the gates of the city of Dis. I have some music that’s ALMOST right, but the drum beat isn’t dramatic enough. Increasing the volume didn’t help, and adding an echo didn’t help. Then I remembered Barry’s Satan Maximizer (a plug-in for Audacity and other sound software). It’s brilliant! Anyway, listen for yourself.

This short clip has the same drum beat before and after filtering. You might not tell the difference at first, but if you listen carefully the second one has a fuller deeper rumble (it’s probably more obvious on good speakers).

Incidentally, if you can’t listen to OGG files, I recommend Billy from Sheep Friends. It loads MUCH, MUCH faster than those big bloated media players like Window’s Media Player.  Hmm… ogg.. Billy… Sheep Friends… I told you that the best software has strange names.

ogg version (small download),

wav version (bigger download)


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