please note: this blog has moved


if you can’t log onto

The blog has moved to and there’s also a forum at

The good news is that, with everything hosted on one place, I can control the look and feel of every page. But the bad news is that if EnterTheStory is ever offline then EVERYTHING is offline. About twice a year the site disappears for a few hours. I use Dreamhost, but last time I checked, other hosts are just as bad.

If the site is ever down and you’re curious to know why, visit If you think the site goes down more than other web sites,  or you need to get in touch with me urgently, please drop me a line at my address is “tolworthy”

Thanks for your patience.

This blog has moved!

If everything goes well then the new permanent address will be

Hope to see you there!

I’m thinking of moving the whole blog to the forum

Yesterday I said that I plan to run the blog and the forum side by side, but I wonder if it makes more sense to just do everything on the forum? I mean, the forum can do links and pictures and everything else. And it’s easier to update and check one place instead of two. And if I really wanted the blog format I could easy add a “blog” sub-forum and just start a new thread each day.

The reason for this change of heart is this: Today I was talking to one of my son’s friends. (Yes, I know, I’m getting old.) I asked him what he preferred, blogs or forums. He said forums, definitely: it’s much easier to find what you want, and if there are other people online it’s nice to post stuff back and forth. He gave some examples, And you know, he’s right: Blogs are great if only one person is talking and their ideas change every day, but forums are better for everything else.

Well that’s what I think, but what do YOU think?

New forum! Moderators needed!

I just set up a forum:

I’ll still blog, but blogging is a bit one sided.  I want users to feel in charge of this game. Also, blog posts tend to fade into history, but in a forum the important topics are always at the top.

Is anyone willing to be a moderator? That is, someone to check a couple of times a day in case there are new visitors, spam, or anything that needs changing?

If the forum runs smoothly then in a few days I’ll start to discuss stuff there instead of here. The blog will just be a place to log news and pictures. What do you think? This may be your last chance to comment on the blog!

More random Genesis of the Gods art

zappingI just finished the final Prometheus – versus – Typhon animation. Typhon is just off the screen to the right. The finished game will have other characters standing on that ledge.

some mystery children

children_stillI’m not saying who they are. You have to wait for the game in December to find out!